The Val di Noto

After seven years of the request, in June 2002 in Budapest, in the course of the proceedings of the 26th session of the International Scientific Committee, finally takes the recognition dell”UNESCO area of ​​the Val di Noto in the World Heritage List (Heritage ListHumanity). The towns of the Val di Noto are inscribed on the list 8: Noto, Palazzolo Acreide, Ragusa, Modica, Ragusa, Militello Val di Catania, Caltagirone, Catania. The whole site was called:”Late Baroque Towns of the Val di Noto (South Eastern Sicily)””The eight towns of south-eastern Sicily: Caltagirone, Militello Val di Catania, Catania, Modica, Noto, Palazzolo, Ragusa and Scicli were rebuilt after 1693, in the same place or near the towns existing at the time of the earthquake of that ‘year. They represent a considerable collective undertaking, successfully brought to a high standard of architecture and artistic fulfillment. Guard in the late Baroque, they describe well the particular innovations in urban planning and city building. ”

The criteria adopted by UNESCO for the inscription of World Heritage in the Val di Noto:(Criterion i) “This group of cities in the south-east of Sicily provides outstanding testimony to the exuberant genius of late Baroque art and architecture.

(Criterion ii) The cities of the Val di Noto represent the culmination and final flowering of Baroque art in Europe.

(Criterion iv) The outstanding quality of late Baroque art and architecture of the Val di Noto place it in a geographical and chronological homogeneity, as well as its wealth is the result of the earthquake in this area, in 1693.

(Criterion v) The eight towns of south-east of Sicily which have submitted this application as the development project in this area permanently at risk of earthquakes and eruptions from Etna. ”

These criteria are matched with 4 of the 6 criteria identified by UNESCO in order to be considered a site of “outstanding universal value”:

(I) represent a masterpiece of human creative genius

(Ii) have exerted considerable influence in a given period or in a culturally determined, on the development of architecture, monumental arts, town planning or the creation of landscapes

(Iv) providing an outstanding example of a type of building or architectural ensemble or landscape which illustrates a significant period of human history

(V) be an outstanding example of human settlement or employment of the traditional territory, representative of a culture (or cultures), especially when it has become vulnerable due to irreversible changes

If we consider that each site can be elected as a world heritage site running even a single criterion, the total number of criteria (4 of 6) gives a measure of the real significance of this recognition.

The International Scientific Committee has asked for the inclusion of the Val di Noto, the submission of a Management Plan for the protection and enhancement of the Val di Noto

The plan is based on understanding signed by the parties responsible for the protection, the Ministry of Heritage and Culture and the Culture and Environment Department of the Sicilian Region, which was endorsed by the administrators of the municipalities on whose territory they are located goods identified. This instrument, legally new Italian for planning, ensures that a particular cultural heritage, considered a world-wide interest, both protected and enhanced by means of appropriate economic, cultural strategies to precise signed between the parties and the international body.

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